Fairy Hunt Photography

Every little girl can be a fairy, or even meeting one!

I previously took my daughter location hunting with me.  Whilst at one particularly location my daughter was lost in play pretending to be a fairy. I decided to take photos of her to attempt to make her play a reality, well at least as much as I could.  When I arrived home I came up with this and my daughter loved it so job done!


I then received a request for a “fair hunt” photoshoot.  I went away and looked at what felt like a million different fairy images that all appeared to be the same until I came across this image.  I am unsure who the author is but it appears to be a HQ wallpaper available on amazon (#124051) hqwallbase.com


With this image in mind, during our session, I kept my eyes peeled for a similar spot in the woods that had the same feel and I made sure that we took some time to get some shots that we could use to recreate a picture with this feel. This is what we came up with from our straight out of camera image to final edit.

DSC_0478-2 DSC_0478-Edit-2 DSC_0478-Edit-Edit-2 DSC_0478-Edit-Edit-Edit-2

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