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Firstly, congratulations on your pregnancy! If you are looking for Newborn Photography you have come to the right place.

The most precious time in your family’s life, preserved in a natural, strikingly beautiful collection of images that you and your family will treasure forever. 

Newborn portraiture

£90 session fee only

£100 – 5 digital images

£200 -10 digital images

£375 – 25 digital images

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All session fees are payable in full at the time of booking


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Why book Deborah Longmore Photography?

Not only am I a mum myself to two beautiful children, I am also one of the few photographers in the UK that hold the Craftsman status with the Guild of Photographers in Newborn and Baby Photography.  I have plenty of experience handling and photographing babies and have attended various newborn training courses.  Your baby’s safety is always Newborn Photographer Tamworth Birmingham by Deborah Longmore Photographerparamount and all my sessions are baby led meaning that baby sets the pace of the session and the poses that they are comfortable with.  Every baby is different and every session is different!

I am fully qualified with the Guild of Photographers and now hold the status as a Craftsman in Newborn and Baby Photography with them.

I have a beautiful studio in the heart of Tamworth Town Centre, previously in Birmingham.  After many years of a being a mobile newborn photographer, I have found that being in a studio environment is the perfect situation.  Not only does it give you the comfort of being in a relaxed environment where everything is on hand to ensure your baby will be safe and comfortable, all props are available and interchangeable should baby not settle in a particular prop or we feel the colours do not suit baby.  Many returning clients from my “mobile days” have enjoyed the experience of the studio visit far more than having their home disrupted with with lots of props and equipment which can take over an entire room.  It does also mean being in a studio environment, I will have some sets ready for your arrival based on your chosen colour scheme so all focus is on baby (always a cuddle first).

I have won some amazing awards for my newborn and baby photography with the Guild of Photographers including placing in the Top 10 International Newborn and Baby Photographer for 4 years running!

Newborn Photographer TamworthIf you are looking at choosing your newborn photographer this blog on NEWBORN SAFETY may assist you in finding someone that is qualified and safe for your little one.

How long will the shoot take?

Sessions usually can last anywhere between 2-3 hours.  I allow time for baby to feed, become settled and fall into that deep sleep that is needed for some poses.  To enable babies to reach this point I always start all of my sessions wrapped and use props to suit your chosen colour scheme.

When baby is fully settled Newborn Photography Tamworthand asleep babies are moved to the beanbag for the more “curled up” poses. Should they wake during the transition, babies often require a feed and a bit of a cuddle before drifting back off into a deep sleep.

Some sessions can be much shorter, and some sessions can take no longer than 90 mins.  Once I have achieved a varied gallery of all poses that baby is comfortable with (including family and sibling images if required) the session will end.  I only shoot one session a day to ensure that should additional time be required I am able to do so.  Unfortunately I will not shoot over 4 hours as in my opinion anything longer is expecting too much of such a little person.  No sessions are ever rushed and we can only go with what baby is happy with.

What if baby won’t settle?

Newborn Photography Tamworth Birmimgham by Deborah Longmore Photography

As mentioned above, I am a baby-led photographer.  I will always do my best to get your baby to be as relaxed as possible and into that deep sleep.  Very rarely, some babies just dont settle and if this is the case we will take some beautiful awake images of your baby.  If in the very rare circumstances baby is ill or completely unsettled then it would be entirely possible to reschedule for a date in the near future when baby will be more at ease – however this has not happened yet!

What poses and props should we expect?

I describe my newborn photography as natural.  The poses I use are poses that a baby would naturally be able to put themselves into.  Any props that are used are always comfortable and safe as babies safety is always paramount.

I use a variety of cushions and support pillows to ensure that babies are always supported in no matter what position or prop.

I have a variety of props that I have sourced over the years.  Before your session you will receive a questionnaire asking what particular colours you would like me to use along with any props that you have seen on my website or facebook.  Using this information I will then create a look that is unique to you.

I attempt to create something different each time whilst maintaining my style, however, is there is a particular image of mine you do want recreating please let me know.

Newborn Photographer BirminghamWhat will baby wear?

I have a cute collection of outfits and wraps in a range of colours that I use in my sessions to suit the colour scheme that you have chose.

When it comes to beanbag poses, I prefer to shoot babies at their most pure and innocent and for this reason I don’t often use outfits for the beanbag but incorporate hats and headbands.  If you would prefer an outfit then please do let me know prior to your shoot.

Also, if you prefer a more styled session with a particular theme in mind, whether that being using some traditional outfits or colours, please let me know.

When do I need to book?

Ideally the best time to book your session is after you 20 week scan as I can book up very early in Newborn Photographer Tamworthadvance.  Your session is then pencilled in using your due date.  Your session fee of £80 is used to secure your session booking.

When baby is here, you can then contract me to let me know of the little ones arrival and a mutually convenient date is then arranged.

It is due to a babies arrival being unpredictable that I limit how many newborns I book per month so I know that I can always accommodate your session should baby be early or late.

I always aim for sessions to be held between your baby being 5-15 days old however these dates are flexible and we can discuss your families requirements with regards to session dates.

What if my baby has already been born?Newborn Photography Birmingham

If your baby has already been born and you feel like you have missed the newborn stage but would still like similar photographs taken of your baby then please get in touch.

I have photographed many older babies and this is usually not a problem at all, it just means you might have more awake photos however this is not always the case and some babies sleep much deeper as they have established a feeding routine.  Every baby is different and the session will be baby led throughout..

Sometimes mums prefer to wait a little while until they are more settled in with a new baby before getting photographs taken. I have taken beautiful photographs of babies in a newborn style up to 8 weeks old so dont feel you have missed out if your baby is slightly older.

Are parent and sibling images taken?

Parent and sibling images are included in your session only if you wish (don’t feel obligated to and there is no pressure for parents images to be taken.  Depending on how young the sibling is there are a few Newborn Photographer Tamworthoptions on poses whilst ensuring that baby is always safe.

This proud little chap was 17 months old!!!

Family images can be as posed or as relaxed as you wish.  These are your images of your family!

For parents that may feel a bit sleep deprived and not at there best, a very simple silhouette family image is ideal!

Parent images can either be taken in your own clothing, or alternatively you can choose to use one of my gowns for a bit of an extra special image

If you are thinking of having family images included in your session please do not hesitate to let me know what family images you would like for you and your family.






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