Bronze Award from the Guild of Photographers

Last month I entered the Guild of Photographer’s Image of the Month competition again.  For those that are not aware, the Guild of Photographers is a highly regarded national photographic body whose members are dedicated to enhancing their skills. I have wrote a previous blog that goes a little bit more into detail about them.

Entries are assessed by a full Panel of very experienced Judges in accordance with national competition judging criteria and graded as follows –

  • A Platinum Bar .. Images of exceptional or outstanding quality (only awarded to the ultimate of images)
  • A Gold Bar .. Images of particular distinction (very rare)
  • A Silver Bar .. Images that are very well crafted (difficult to achieve)
  • A Bronze Bar .. Images of a high standard (something to be proud of)
  • Graded (G) .. Images of a good standard but which are not deemed award winning at national competition level. In many cases it is possible that with one or two small tweaks the image could have scored even higher, so feedback could be of value.
  • Ungraded (U) .. Images that evidence some competition potential, but some things needed to be different for the image to score higher in a national competition. Feedback would be of value.
  • Unclassified (UC) .. Images that fail to meet the above levels. Feedback is recommended

I am therefore thrilled to have received another bronze award for this image!


As you can see from the above, these awards are hard to achieve (which is why I did a little happy dance again when I received it).


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