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What can I expect from a Newborn Photography Session?

Why this Blog?

When choosing a newborn photographer it can be quite daunting. You are not sure who is the best newborn photographer to book, who is safe and who is going to be able to caputre the images that you love! Most importantly, you do not know how many props or poses will be included or how the session will go!

What can I expect from a newborn photography session?

At all of my nweborn photography sessions, I include 3-5 props with each prop being shot from different angles. I then move on to the beanbag poses. Each beanbag pose is acheived through my own “flow posing”, which means I always start with the same pose each time which then easily allows me to transition baby to the next pose with minimal movement of the baby, and so on, to ensure that baby is not disturbed too much whilst they are sleeping

I have had so many clients who have been completely taken by surprise as to how relaxed and stressless the newborn photography session is.

Below I have assembled the most frequently asked questions and worries I have come across for a newborn photography session.

1. What if my baby does not sleep and is fussy?

Do not worry one bit about baby’s behaviour duing the session. I am completely baby led and will listen to baby’s cues at all times. I do not expect you to bring me a settled baby and be in charge of keeping her asleep – that is what I am there for. I have handled so many different babies over the years, from fussy to overtired, from very sleepy to wide awake and alert. I have met babies with reflux, colic, tongue ties, breastfed babies, bottle fed babies, babies with dummies and without.

I will send you out a session guide prior to your session with some tips and tricks on how to prepare baby. When baby needs feeding or a cuddle – we stop and have a break. It is a lovely opportunity for me to have a catch up chat with parents or make a fresh cup of tea!

2. Are outfits and props provided?

Yes they are! I have a gorgeous selection of handmade little outfits, bonnets, hairbands, hand felted teddies. I source all my materials from amazing vendors from all over the world. They are all colour matched and specially selected to compliment different colour schemes. You simply tell me which colours you like before the session – and I will tailor your newborn photography session to your taste. If you like a totally bespoke session (i.e Harry Potter, heritage items or anything that is important to you), you can let me know when you book and I will make this happen for you.

3. How long does a session last and what is baby’s ideal age to get all those cute poses?

This completely depends on baby, but I would say general allow between 1 to 3 hours. The ideal age for a newborn photography session is between 6 and 21 days but I often hold newborn sessions up to 10 weeks – sometimes older!

What does a full gallery look like?

Below are a few examples of some recent client galleries. These images show an image of each prop and a few from the bean bag (not all as I often take a few photos from each prop/pose from different angles) to give you an good idea of what you can expect from a newborn photography session with me.

Family images are included in all sessions if you wish them, however, some parents do ask me to only show certain images and not share family images

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