Dont be swayed by a photographer’s price

Whatever product it may be whether its clothing, beauty, hair or food we always wants to know how much something is going to cost. Of course we do, we are human and we work to earn a living to pay for the things we need and want. Photography is no exception so I wanted to take the time to explain the pricing of a photo session and why it is important.

I have discussed this topic with a number of friends over the last few years (even before I started my own business) and there are a few people who seem to be put off by photographers quoting a DSC_0150-Edit-Editfew hundred pounds for what people are looking for when other photographers are promoting a super cheap alternative.  I know everyone has a budget, but a lot of people seem to always be drawn for the cheaper option.  I have also seen a few posts in for sale groups on facebook where people have asked for recommendations for “only cheap photographers” with a few comments underneath stating they “don’t know how they (photographers) can get away with charging higher prices like they do?!”.

Photography is a form of art and many photographers invest in training and equipment and really have a passion to produce something amazing for you.  When working with children and especially newborns, it isn’t just a case of point and shoot. Being DSC_1450-Edita children’s photographer means so many other things, other than just ‘taking a couple of photos’. There is so much planning that goes into a photoshoot.  There is prep before hand, planning what props to use, what colours to chose, what the child may like, the messages back and forward to the client, the cost of purchasing props for a session, patience, time, care and passion goes into the job.  And this is just the session! There is the hours of editing after a session to make sure that every photo is lovingly crafted and perfect.  We are working with your precious children, we are helping you make memories for you to keep and treasure forever – why would you want someone to ‘just take a couple of photos’?

Being a photographer is of course a job, so yes we need to make a living but there are lots of hidden costs that also need to be covered.  Training, equipment, insurance, props are all part and parcel of each session.  I have been professionally trained as a newborn photographer to make sure that your little ones are DSC_4672-Edithandled safetly and correctly.  I have also gone on a few other training courses and I will no doubt go on more training throughout my time both in terms of newborns and other arears of photography.  These courses are how we keep progressing and ensuring we are producing work you will be proud to hang in your homes.  The cost of a photoshoot therefore isn’t just plucked out of thin air and it is not an easy job.  There is lots of research that goes into pricing and we hope that at the end we have a price that reflects our talent, experience and how much our work is worth and we hope that you agree!

Now I understand everyone has their budget, and I am not saying that you should not go with the more budget friendly photographers at all, we all start somewhere as photographers and a price may reflect that a photographer is learning their skill – I have been there and I am truly grateful for DSC_6270-Editmy Clients that booked with me whilst I was starting out.  So I am not saying you should only go for the top end photographer at all.  What I am saying through is dont be put off by a higher price and only seek out the cheapest options.  If you are looking for a photographer, look at the individuals work before you make your decision.  The amount of times I have seen on for sale sites people asking for a “cheap photographer” and dismissing all other names just before they are not as cheap and without even looking at peoples work amazes me.  Please make sure that when you are booking your photographer they are trained and insured and more importantly that you like their work. Please don’t just book someone because they are the cheapest as you may end up with photographs that you don’t like let alone love!

Your photographs are a physical memory that you can hold and look at for a lifetime.  They capturing your little ones and your family in a moment you will never get back again. You want to be happy with your photos, not only love the photo but hopefully for it to bring back a happy memory from the shoot.

A photoshoot is a luxury product and something special to be Photoblock Wall No 6 PLUS Templatecherished and will hopefully those images will have pride of place on the walls of your home. Consider what the images you are hoping to get will look like and whether the photographer you choose will be able to produce those images for you.

So please consider the end product when choosing your photographer, for whichever photoshoot it may be.  Please do your research before booking.  Don’t be swayed by prices.  You need to love the images you receive at the end of your shoot so please check out a photographers work before booking, even give them a call and discuss what you are looking for.


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