Pure and Simple Newborn Photography Sessions

Welcome to Newborn Photography by Deborah Longmore Photography

Firstly, congratulations on your pregnancy! If you are looking for Newborn Photography you have come to the right place.

The most precious time in your family’s life, preserved in a natural, strikingly beautiful collection of images that you and your family will treasure forever. 

£60 Pure and Simple Newborn

 How is this session different to a standard Newborn Photography Session?

My standard newborn sessions last anywhere from 2-3 hours. The main focus being getting the baby to sleep so that the more posed images can be taken and a variety of colours and props are used.

My Pure and Simple Newborn sessions are just that! Capturing baby in their purest form in a very simple way.

The sessions will be always styled white, and baby will be photographed with minimal posing either awake, asleep or in both depending on baby! These sessions capture your baby as they are with all their little expressions and unique ways.

How long will the shoot take?

My Pure and Simple Sessions can last anywhere between 1-2 hours depending on whether baby needs to feed during the session.  As with all my sessions, I am baby led and when they need to feed, they feed!

What will baby wear?

Please bring along a plain white vest that fits your baby (if they are wearing one underneath their outfit on arrival this is perfect as we can start the session with minimal disruption to them).

Once some images are captured in their vest this will be removed and a white wrap will be used.  Baby will be left in their nappy the whole session to prevent any little accidents.

Are parent and sibling images taken?

During these sessions the main focus is the baby, however 1 family post and 1 sibling pose is included in the session which will be shot on light background to match the feel of the gallery.  Some images will include parent/sibling hands which are prefect to capture how small your new baby is.