Photoblocks are truly a stunning way to show of your images.  Images are printed and adhered to quality wooden blocks (instead of being printed directly on the wood) so photographs retain their high prints quality.

Covered with a protective layer for water and light resistance, each block is created to stand the test of time. The protection layer adds a unique look and the subtle charm of a painted piece.*

The limits really are endless with this product as the creators are always bringing out new designs. Variations of some of the layouts are available so if you are interest in discussing further options then please let me know.

What I absolutely love about this product, apart from them being just ridiculously amazing,  is they are strictly available to photographers! You are unable to obtain these directly from the supplier themselves and as far as I am aware there is nothing similar available on the high street.  By purchasing this product you will not only be getting your images displayed completely beautifully, you will be getting something unique, a work of art!

Photoblock Photo Label_Hanger

Photo Label/Hanger

great personal key/bag hanger with your photo on it

5×7 cm
wooden hanger


Reclaimed Wood Frames

Small – fram size 23x18x2cm, print size 10x15cm

A4 – frame size 36x27cm, print size 30x21cm ( 8x12inch )

includes print


2 Hanging Blocks

panorama 15×30 cm & 20x30cm hanging together

( there is an option to make both sides of blocks printed so you can switch them up! )

Photoblock Try Me Pack

Try Me Pack

21x30cm  ( 8×12′ )
13x18cm ( 5 x7 ‘ )
10x15cm ( 4×6 ‘ )

Photoblock 20x40 Panoramic

Panorama 20x40cm

40×20 cm ( 16×8 ‘ )

Easel purchased separately

Photoblock 40x60


make a statement with this piece of art <3

40×60 cm ( 16x 24 inches)

Easel purchased separately

Photoblock 40x60 with frame

40x60cm Framed

photoblock in frame ( 50x70cm with frame )


Photoblock Chalkboard

50×70 cm overall
photo is: 40×20 cm

no frame bowl

Round Photoblock

Various sizes

20cm (8 inch)
40cm ( 16 inch)
60cm ( inch)

round frame brown blanket

round white wash frame

Round 40cm Framed Photoblock

Round photoblock in very unique hand made wooden frame (Frame available in both stained and white wash wood – both shown above)

55cm with frame

60x60 photoblock

Square Photoblock

make a statement with this piece of art
wooden block with your picture

Various sizes

20×20 cm ( 8×8 inch)
40x40cm ( 16x16inch)
60×60 cm ( 24x24inch)


Photowall Medium

something a little different. perfect for smaller walls

the whole size:
cm. 40×75 + spacing
in. 16×30 + spacing

collage white wash

Framed photoblock collage

Available in both stained and white wash wood (white wash shown)

52×72 cm ( with frame)


Photowall No5

5 beautiful sizes
40×40 cm
2 times 20×30 cm
20×20 cm

Letter not included but available in addition to the above!

Photoblock Set of 3 Blocks

Set of 3

2 times 40×40
1 times 40×60

Photoblock Wall No 6 Template

Photowall No6

2 times ~ 40×40 cm
2 times ~ 20×30 cm
2 times ~ 15×30 cm

the whole wall size:
cm. 75×70 + spacing
in. 30×28 + spacing

Photowall No6 Plus

beautiful set up of 6  blocks

(can also include 9 blocks as seen below)

2 times 40x40cm
1 times 20x20cm
3 times 20x40cm

size of the whole collage:
cm. 60×100 + spacing
in. 24×40 + spacing

Photoblock Wall No 6 PLUS TemplatePhotowall No6 Plus (9 Block version)

beautiful set up of 9 blocks

2 times 40x40cm
1 times 20x20cm
3 times 20x40cm

extra row 2 times 40×20 and 1 times 20×20

mixed K&B

Mixed Photowall

FRAMED 40×40 cm
1 times 40x40cm
FRAMED 20x30cm
2 times 20x30cm
3 times 15x30cm

size of the whole wall
cm. 70×120 + spacing
in. 28×48 + spacing

Letter not included but available in addition to the above!

(*We strongly recommend that you treat this product with proper care. avoiding getting it wet or excessive exposure to direct sunlight and heat)