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Welcome to Newborn Photography by Deborah Longmore Photography

Firstly, congratulations on your pregnancy!

Whether it is your first baby, or you are an experienced parent, pregnancy is a wonderful and exciting time.  The arrival of a newborn baby into the family isnewborn photography birmingham a time of great elation, excitement and a little bit of exhaustion as well. As a mum of two I know all too well how the first few weeks of newborn life can pass by in a bit of wonderful blur.  Those special newborn features change so quickly.  Tiny tones, button noses, little curls, long eyelashes and all those fine details can be captured in an image.


newborn photography birminghamThe best time to book your newborn photography session would be around your 20 week scan so that your session can be pencilled in to the diary with your estimated due date.  Whilst baby’s rarely come on time, this booking gives me an idea of when we can expect baby.  Once baby arrives, you can then contact me to let me know they have arrived and we can schedule your newborn photography session at a date and time that will be the most convenient and discuss colours and styling.

Newborn Photography Sessions

On booking your session I will send you a newborn session guide which will detail what you can expect from your session and how you can prepare for it.

Newborn Photography BirminghamNewborn Photography sessions can be held in either my home studio or in the comfort of your own home. I offer home services as I know it can be a struggle to even venture out in this first early days after the baby has arrived, especially if you have had a C-section (and I have been there too!)

Sessions are never rushed and are kept relaxed.  Your little one may cry, they may want to feed more often and there may be a few little accidents.  All these things are very common during a session which is why newborn sessions can take anything between 2 – 4 hours.  Baby’s needs will always come first and every baby is different. Some will take longer to settle, others will transition from pose to pose without stirring.

Best time

The ideal time for a newborn photography session is between 5 – 15 days old.  Sessions can be held after this time but it may be difficult to get a baby into some of the newborn photography birminghamcurly  poses as they become stronger, much more awake and more alert.   If you have missed this very small window but you are still interested in booking your baby in for a shoot then please do not feel you are unable to book a session.  Older babies can be posed awake in baskets, blankets or we can hold a baby lifestyle session where babies are captured either in their own rooms, on mum and dad’s bed with siblings and/or parents or even playing with toys.

Your memories are ready to be captured in an image.  Please feel free to ask should you have any questions.

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